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Marketing Techniques

The Internet is growing at an incredible rate with thousands of people going online for the first time every single day. In order for businesses to keep up with this fast growing phenomenon it is essential to learn online marketing techniques. On this blog you will find links to many online resources as well as lots of regularly updated articles that will help with building your online presence. Cash4umarketing endeavours to bring you up to date news, articles and marketing information to keep you on track. If you would like to have your own article published here please contact me you can send me your marketing related articles for consideration. please do send me any comments or requests for further Internet marketing information.

Search Engine Ranking getting started

For a better search engine ranking of your website there are various things that you can do, here are some ideas to get you started.

Once your site is up and running you should apply to have it listed with all the search engines that you can find. You should then be looking to build up lots of links into your site. Link with other sites that are relevant to your business, you can do this by simply finding other sites and e-mail the owner asking to set up a reciprocal link. Also search for directories related to your business and advertise there.

You should be providing information on your site that people will want to link with. Getting others to link to your site is a great way of improving your search engine rankings. Everyone knows enough about something to be able to put together some quality content. Keep it relevant to your business and it is best to give useful information not just more sales pitch.

Think about what your customers want or need in the way of information, what questions are you frequently asked by your customers? You now have a starting point for your information content.

Generating More Traffic

The easiest way to make more affiliate profits is to simply generate more traffic.

I generally use pay-per-click traffic for almost all the affiliate products I promote simply because you can control exactly how much money is going out- and once you figure out how many visitors it takes to make a sale with whatever you are promoting, then you will know exactly how much money will come in.

PPC advertising just makes affiliate marketing easier if you ask me!

First off, pay per click (PPC) does NOT mean Google Adwords. Adwords is just the most popular form of PPC advertising, but it is definitely not the only one. On that note, PPC search engine advertising is also not the only form of PPC.

You can pay per click on a variety of different advertising vehicles including banner ads, text ads, flash ads, email ads, etc.. So don't limit yourself to just Google Adwords, or just search engines.

If you want to find more sources where you can pay per click, just go to and search for "pay per click advertising".

Before you do any PPC advertising (or any advertising for that matter), you need a good tracking system to track your results. If you are doing search engine PPC, you need to know which keywords are producing sales and which aren't. This will help fine tune your marketing system.

So what works in PPC advertising? Well, the truth is, 90% of the money you make from PPC ads will come from 10% of your keywords- The same keywords that produce results for you in the organic search most of the time. learn more at..

Marketing Coach

A great way to get started with Internet marketing is to use a coach or a mentor. This will make a huge difference to your progress and not only in how much progress you make, but how fast you make it, A coach or mentor can prevent you making the mistakes as they have made them all before you and they know how to steer you in the right direction.

You will want to get your business up and running and of course profitable as soon as possible. Having a coach or mentor who will take you through each step will boost your self belief and help you reach your goals.

There are plenty of people and programs out there all telling you that they have a faster or easier way for you to make money, sticking with one person will bring you the results you want much faster.

Joining a mentor will shorten dramatically the learning process involved in Internet marketing.

If you want to be successful and make money online, you must be ready for a lot of hard work. But if you stick with it and with the right teacher you can become very successful at making money online and you could make this your main source of income.

The one thing you really need more than anything in the beginning is a clear set of directions to follow from someone who started from scratch just like you, and managed to find a legitimate way to full-time online income.
more ...

Products to sell - produce your own

Non-physical products:
This covers a wide area of products or services but generally speaking we are interested in downloadable products here. Ebooks; or information books are by far the most suitable products to sell online, they are available immediately to the customer in most cases and can be sold through fully automated systems.
Whatever business you are in you should consider selling information products online and they are not difficult to find or create. I would recommend you do a search on "Google" or another search engine for "ebooks with resale rights" and you will be surprised just how many people are selling or even giving away ebooks for you to sell on.
You can also often find software packages for sale or free that offer re-sale rights, but this will depend on availability in your chosen "niche".
The more specialised your chosen niche the better your chances of success as there will be less competition. You also need to make sure that the chosen niche has enough interest.
Writing your own ebook:
Some people are put off by the thought of having to write their own ebook, you may think it is not something you can do but actually it is not difficult at all. If you have knowledge of a subject then you can write your own ebook. Everyone knows about a subject be it a hobby or what you do for a living, and this should be your first choice of subject to write about.
Often the easiest way to get started is to simply start writing and the words will begin to flow naturally.
If you really can't face doing it yourself though there are alternatives, You may have a relative or friend who enjoys writing and for most people you just need to offer them the incentive of earning a little extra money. There are also websites to be found that are full of people who will write for you for a fee, try Elance or Article Equaliser. When producing your own ebooks you can write them using Microsoft word or similar and then you will need to purchase a pdf writer to save your work and produce the ebook.

Affiliate Marketing

With many people’s finances getting ever tighter these days, the idea of making money online is becoming more attractive, one method is something called “affiliate marketing” Affiliate marketing is quite simply advertising other peoples products or services for sale.

Research the Market.

You should research the markets you are interested in. This is a very important first step. Start by finding out what your potential customers are looking for. This can be achieved through “keyword research” – finding the actual words or phrases people type into search engines to find answers to their problems.

Once you have found the keywords that consumers are actively entering into the search engines for your chosen subject you will be able to help your website rank higher.

Keyword research is not difficult. Start with the free Google Keyword Tool, which can be found by searching for “Google keyword tool external,” and enter in a keyword or phrase that identifies the product or niche that you are interested in promoting as an affiliate.

Click on “get keyword ideas” to produce a list of keywords. you can now see the competitiveness of your chosen subject or niche by taking a look at the number of times people are searching for your main keywords each month.

you should look for a niche with high demand that already has some competition and products for sale, but not too competitive that ranking highly is going to be impossible.

Of course it is important that there is an audience for whatever you choose as your niche. Since we are considering affiliate marketing, your costs for entering the chosen niche are not too high. It is a good idea to take the time to do niche research in order to ensure success. Once you have an idea of the products you would like to promote you will need to search for affiliate products. There are many websites that list affiliate products that you can promote on your own website or blog. It is also worth considering advertising offline, for example in newspapers or magazines.

Getting high ranking results in search engines

What do you need to do to get high-ranking results in search engines?
If you are trying to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you need do the right things to be successful. You will need to work on several factors to make sure that your website out performs your competitors website.

Is your site going to make sense to search engines?
A good site layout will show search engines that your website is not just a random collection of pages.
Try linking your pages together in a logical order, this will help to show search engines which pages of your website are related to each other. The search engines should be able easily identify which groups of web pages on your site are related to a certain topic.

Are your web pages easily accessible?
If search engines cannot read your web pages then they will ignore your site and they will not give your site good rankings. Of course search engines need to be able to access your web pages. Follow these points and check that your site is operating correctly.
· Be sure your web server does not return an error code when search engine spiders visit your web pages. If your server returns an error code, search engines will not index your site.
· The content of your web pages must make sense to search the engines and be easily understood. Avoid using images or Flash to present the main content of your web pages.
· You also need to check the HTML code of your web pages. While most HTML errors may not cause problems with search engines, some of them can prevent search engines from indexing your site. The less HTML errors your web pages have, the better.
· Your robot.txt file must allow search engines to index your web pages. The Robot Exclusion Standard, also known as the Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a convention to prevent cooperating web spiders and other web robots from accessing all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly viewable.If you accidentally blocked all bots or all directories of your website (this can happen with a simply error in the robots.txt file), search engines won't list your website.
Have you created back links to your site?
It is very important that you have good back links to your site, without them it is not likely you will get high rankings on major search engines. Links that point to your website will have a major impact on the position of your web pages in Google's search results. Try to get as many links as possible from related web sites. The more targeted the link, the more it will help your search engine rankings.

How good is your websites content?
Web sites that mainly offer advertising, affiliate links and articles can be found on many other web sites and so will have a hard time getting good search engine rankings. You should concentrate on creating unique and trustworthy content that helps your web site to stand out from all the others.
If you are an expert in a particular field you should write as much as possible about that subject. This will make sure that your web site becomes the best resource for that topic. Writing about things you are passionate about will come easier than trying to write on a subject you know little about. If you find yourself struggling to write good content you may wish to consider outsourcing.
How relevant are your keywords?
Choosing the right keywords is an important step in determining whether your SEO campaign will be a success or not.
It's best to focus on longer keywords for search engine optimisation. “long tail” keywords have been proven to be more likely to convert into sales. Whereas one word keywords are much less likely to convert to a sale and they are also much more competitive.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Did you see this?

I have listed here the brand new releases of XsitePro training

videos and I have included the links for each one, just

cut and paste the links into your browser to view each one.

Did you hear about the videos released last week, showcasing

some of the features of the XSitePro website design software?

If you did then you'll probably know they were a neat set of

mini-tutorials demonstrating just how easy XSitePro makes the

whole process of building a website...

Well (and you heard it here first, folks!)... I can announce

Intellimon are going to be releasing another *FIVE* videos this


These videos are perfect for anyone who is curious about how

XSitePro makes building websites *so* easy (and why so many top

marketers recommend it as the site-builder of choice)... and the

video series itself promises to build into a valuable resource

over the coming weeks.

The five new videos I'd like to reveal to you today are:

1. Build mailing lists with XSitePro's Forms Wizard (5'25")

Ever hear the saying "The money is in the list"?

As anyone who's been marketing online for any period of time

will tell you, building a mailing list is an absolutely

essential (and potentially very profitable) part of any Internet

marketing business.

Yes... *any* business - including yours!

It's one thing to 'know' it's important, but of course it's

entirely another to be able to actually add a quality name-grab

form to your web pages... one that feeds into one of the leading

mailing-list management solutions on the market...

Fortunately that's where XSitePro steps in for you. Watch this

video to find out how easy XSitePro makes your list-building:

2. Create pages fast, with our Multi-page Wizard (4'54")

Search Engines love sites with plenty of quality, relevant

content. But many of us simply don't like the idea of spending

hours building page after page of content.

What if there were a way to quickly add dozens of pages to our

site, with minimal effort, all of which were optimized for the

search engines; keyword rich and ready to publish?

Using the in-built Multi-page Creation Wizard, XSitePro makes

this possible. Create any number of pages, complete with

customized content and meta-data, in a matter of minutes.

3. Page Layout Designer - for full design flexibility (5'47")

One of the beauties of working with XSitePro is that you can

pick one of the professional templates right out of the box and

simply add content... awesome for creating great-looking

sites fast.

For those who want it, however, XSitePro also features a Page

Layout designer, giving complete control over the look and feel

of your site.

So, if at some future point you want to tweak the color scheme

for your site, swap the graphics about, or even change the whole

look and feel of your site completely you can - and in record


4. Push-button publishing (4'21")

No more muddling about with multiple pieces of software -

XSitePro really does the whole lot for you.

Keeping your FTP details safely stored along with the web pages,

images and other content, never again will you have to hunt

around so you can publish your site.

What's more, having FTP functionality built in, XSitePro makes

publishing your site as easy as clicking a single button.

Updating your site has never been easier.

5. Automatic breadcrumb navigation trails (2'58")

Have you ever noticed how easy the professional sites on the web

make it for you to find your way around?

It's no accident - the big site operators know that having

intuitive navigation not only helps visitors find their way...

it also helps keep them on their site.

With XSitePro's easy-to-use 'breadcrumb trail' feature you can

quickly add breadcrumb trail navigation links to your pages

automatically, no matter how many pages you add.

Watch the short video below to see just how easy it is, with


Friday, 15 October 2010

Is Email Autoresponder A Must Have Marketing Tool?

Why is Email Autoresponder a must have marketing tool?

Studies show a potential visitor will take seven to nine messages before he or she becomes comfortable with you and eventually contacts or preferably buys your products or services.

If you are left with only one marketing tool, what would you retain? Most marketers would say autoresponders or their email list. This tells you how serious you should treat your email marketing effort AND your autoresponder tool.

What is an autoresponder?

An email autoresponder allows you to follow up your potential customers at a predefined timeframe automatically through emails. You may acquire this functionality by installing a script on your webhosting or you can acquire this function through third party autoresponder service providers.

What criteria should you consider when it comes to picking an email autoResponder? What is the single most important criteria when choosing your autoresponder service?

Three criteria you should consider before you invest your hard-earned cash in this vital marketing tool.

1) Deliverability

A great deliverability is the most sought-after feature of any email autoresponder. Any internet user would receive tons of SPAM mails in their mail-box each day.

There are 2808 spam emails in my email account as at the time of writing. I will never read these emails.

If you use some poor autoresponder service, your emails will automatically be streamed into these SPAM folders.

You may ask, "What determines which email go to "SPAM"?"

Unless you are your email service provider, you don't know their "way of thinking". But definitely you don't want to be the one who emails your subscribers to their SPAM folder!

2) Self hosted OR third party professional autoresponder service

Every marketer or business person has a mission - to lower his/ her cost of doing business. No one throws money out of the window. I don't easily invest in any recurring marketing tool, except for the really required. When it comes to email autoresponder service, I recommend using a third party tool - a tool that is not hosted on your webhost. The mission of third party autoresponder service providers is to deliver your emails.

Why do I not recommend a self-hosted script which you can install onto your webhost?

The reason is one word: "SPAM". Some of your subscribers will report you as SPAM, no matter how diligent and sincere you are with your email marketing campaigns. People just forgot they had signed up on your mail box and they will report your emails as spamming one day down the road.

When subscribers report your emails as spams, their internet service provider (ISP) may blacklist your future emails. This blocks your emails getting into their inbox in the future.

I have previously used a hosted service, which had good results initially (for about 6 months). After a few of my ex-subscribers complaint me spamming them, my emails are not as effective as before.

Great email autoresponders service companies eat and breath on deliverability. They ensure your emails get delivered. Some autoresponder service us claiming that it delivers 99.34%, meaning it their readers get 99 emails out of 100 emails!

3) Price

There are some free autoresponder services out there. I urge you not to waste your time finding or even trying one. Why? I have used those services and only found myself promoting someone's else services.

Those free services basically send out your emails with their own embedded advertising. Your readers will read their ads first before your messages. If you are not serious about your business, use free autoresponsers.

Price should be the least concern, as autoresponder is your lifeblood of your viral traffic. Usually a quality autoresponder costs around $20 a month.

In conclusion, when you choose your autoresponder, the following is a list of criteria that you should consider before spending money on email autoresponder.

Roy Chan is an online business consultant. He provides solid marketing strategies since 2004. Subscribe his marketing e-newsletter. Get his email marketing strategic software valued $27 free for a limited time. Visit:

Article Source:

Taking the first step to being your own boss

It is a big decision to make, going out on your own and working for yourself.

It does not have to be a difficult one though if you plan ahead and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Start off with an idea and gradually build on it, test the water by researching your chosen subject. Online businesses are very easy to set up and do not have to be expensive, plus you can do most of your pre-planning and research for free. Using search engines such as Google can quickly show how popular and how competitive your chosen business idea is, do not be put off by competition if your subject is very popular there are bound to be lots of others already in the field. Offering something slightly different or of better quality/service can give you an edge over the competition. Also learning good marketing strategies before you launch your business will help you better your competition.

Be prepared to put in the work, unless you have a large budget to get you started you are going to have to do a lot of the setting up yourself. Think about how you can market your business in the most cost effective way, you will probably need to hire some outside help for some of the tasks.

Starting up your online business such as getting your first website up and running is really easy these days with so many packages to choose from that do most of the work for you, again it all depends on your budget but remember the most expensive is often not the best. Some businesses spend fortunes on fancy websites with moving images and graphics that look great, but very often they just end up confusing or annoying the visitor. A simple black text on white background web page is much easier on the eye, think about if you read a book or any written text is it easier to read black on white or other colours? What if the pages of the book you are reading started flashing images at you, how easy is it to take in the information?

Some images and gimmicks can of course attract your customers attention and enhance the overall look and appeal of your website but don't over do it. It is good practice to test your ideas, show them to friends and colleagues for some feedback before going ahead with them.

To summarise then lets look at a simple list of tasks,

· Write a business plan

· Decide on a budget for your venture

· Research your chosen subject

· Test your ideas

· Start building the business

· Outsource some tasks

Your business plan does not need to be complex nor set in stone, you can always add to it and adapt it as you get going.

It is a good idea to set yourself a budget of at least 10% above your estimates to give yourself a cushion for the unexpected.

Research is the key, you must be sure there is a market for your product or service. How popular is your subject online?

Test everything out if you can before committing yourself to a task. Most things can be changed quite easily such as website design or layout, try several and see what people think works best for your business.

Once you have a clear focus on what you want to do, start building your business. Your website, products or service, emails, marketing and stock if you have any should all be in place.

The jobs you can't do, don't know how to do or just don't want to do should be outsourced. The more you can do yourself the more control you will have over the business, so learn as much as you can. Some tasks like building a website if you have zero experience may seem impossible right now but with a little effort you may surprise yourself. A lot of tasks like building your own site are much easier these days with lots of companies offering great learn as you go packages.

(c) Gordon Bloomfield 2010

Marketing and online resources.

Useful links to get you started, the last three are for when your site is up and running to generate that all-important traffic.

email auto responder

Website Building software and instruction

Website hosting

Website traffic builder

More website traffic

Free website traffic

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Quick online money made easy

There are ways of earning an income online in double quick time and without the hassle of having to build your own website with all the costs that are then involved. You can make money online, starting right now. All you need is a simple to follow method with step by step instructions to explain the process from start to finish. Click Here to find out just how easy it is to earn money online.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Tips and tricks, the marketing systems

Hi again, here we are heading towards the cold weather, a good excuse to spend some time in the comfort of the office (office at home in my case) and get some marketing done.

As always I am spending some time building back links to my various sites, this is an essential way of getting your site recognised. If you have your website up and running but are not getting the traffic then make sure you have a links page set up and start filling it. The page does not need to be any more than a list of other relevant sites but some may want you to include a clickable picture or banner. You should always check that the site you are linking to has set up a link back to yours otherwise you will not gain any real benefit as far as the search engines are concerned. If you are new to this and don't know were to start here is what I recommend, first do a search on Google or any other search engine for sites in the same subject as your own (it is important for the links to be relevant to your sites content). Then with this list start contacting the owners and requesting a link exchange (aways be polite, please and thank you goes a long way).
You may find that sites run by manufacturers and the like are not able to link back to you for various reasons but you may still search their links pages to find other related sites.
I suggest writing a standard email message and save it then you just need to collect all the email addresses from the sites you visit. Do not expect to get replies to all your messages some will no doubt get labled as spam and not make it, others may just be disregarded. Keep at it and soon you will have a growing list of sites linking into yours, then the next time the search engines crawl your site they will see it's relevance in your niche and this should help with your ranking.